I Want To Buy Your Soul

If you ask anyone what it means to be an atheist, you will probably get a lot of different replies:

      • I don’t believe in God or the Soul
      • I don’t believe in the meta-physical
      • We are just food for worms  ~this one is my favourite by a long shot!

There are many different answers, but most of them revolve around the fact that people don’t believe in God or other super-natural manifestations.


Over the last 3 days, I have been asking atheists if they will sell their soul to me. I want them to sign a legal contract on stamp paper for the sale of a competitive intangible asset in exchange for monetary compensation.

The reasoning being that if you don’t believe in the concept of a Soul, it should be easy enough for you to sell what you don’t have in return for some free money.


Most conversations have gone this way:

No one will sell me their soul

Here are some of the things people tell me when I want to buy their soul:

  • Why do you want my Soul and what will you do with it?
  • I don’t believe in the concept of a Soul. How can I sell you what I don’t have?
  • I want 1 million dollars for my Soul.
  • This contract is illegal and not enforceable by law.


If you don’t believe in the Soul, you should have absolutely no problem selling thin air to me for any sum of money, even if am giving you Rs. 500. Consequently, you shouldn’t even be bothered about if the contract is enforceable by law!

I am still trying to find someone who will sell their Soul to me. I think it might be useful to own two Souls. I don’t know what that will do to me, but I am willing to find out.


  1. Assuming that someone actually sells you his/her soul, what do you plan to do with it? I’m curious!

  2. I don’t think a belief in God equates to a belief in the sanctity of the soul. My own relationship with religion & God is…complicated. Sometimes I believe, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I believe a little, sometimes a lot.

    But the foundation of my belief is to always be someone who isn’t ashamed to look at herself in the mirror, someone who if she dies this day will die without regretting anything that was done. I’d call that not selling my soul and it’s got nothing to do with my on-off relationship with God.

    I think the second on your list of answers is my favorite. It wouldn’t be mine but it seems most plausible and holds integrity with a non-believer.

    I love the idea though. Keep this blog posted on more.

    Incidentally, what do you believe in?

  3. Just because a person does not believe in the concept of soul, how can you assume they will sell it to you at a low price? If a person has a piece of brass and you think its gold do you really think that person will sell it to you at the price of brass? He will obviously try to make money by selling it to you at the price of Gold. You are assuming that money is insignificant to an Atheist. I am sure if you are willing to offer something of value someone will trade.

    Honestly if you offer something of value even a believer of god might sell his soul to you. You have just assumed too many things here.

  4. I am no atheist, but I don’t see any connection between selling my soul and God 🙂

    My soul is an integral part of me – core of me. It is not something that can be physically or meta-physically transferred to anyone. As for the ownership, yes, I can sell it to anyone, but the possession still remembers with me (unless you figure out a way to OWN my soul, ala the Devil in Ghost Rider style). I would be more than happy to just “NAME” you the owner of my soul and earn money from it – just being practical!

    As for God, yes, I believe in that higher authority, someone who is all-pervasive and omnipresent. But I also believe that God is not prescriptive or commanding. HE just expects you to be good and do good. HE will not punish you for things, but HE might just put you through tough times – only for your own good. So that way, I am sure HE would just laugh it out if I made some money out of psuedo-selling my soul 😉

  5. Rajat: Honestly, I don’t know. But am sure possessing two souls can’t be too bad.

    IdeaSmith: I dont believe in the soul. For I care, I’d gladly give it up to the first person who wants to buy it. For whatever sum of money. These things are like fairytales, unless substantiated. E.g. After I have sold my soul, i can wake up the next day and believe that the soul can grow itself back again in a live body and that I now have a new soul. Maybe I can sell the new soul to someone else then. This could become a business, for all I care!

    Karthik: So how much are you willing to be paid for your soul? Realistically..

    Kunal: Fair point 🙂

  6. I am an atheist man, but you got it wrong here. There is nothing which links each other. Its like trying to crack a joke which is not actually humourous. Something which you connecting just doesnt bother me or any atheist who is not just one for the rebel or to be different, yes there are many that way too. Just like many theists or spiritual people who brag.

    Being an atheist has nothing to do Funny, haha i am selling my soul. Its a belief and a way of life. I hope you find your answer in experiments. =)

  7. Mohit – To be honest, I dont care if you are atheist or not, what I do care however is if you will sell your soul to me. Fair and simple. Do we have a deal? Am willing to pay you Rs. 300 for it.

  8. Free money? Where do I sign? As long as we’re clear that this is YOUR proposal and not mine, I don’t see how I could be legally liable for ripping you off.

    Now, keep in mind this is a lot like if I were to ask you to sell your eye-lazer superpower.

  9. Norm – this is brilliant. Are u based out of India? I am definitely interested in buying your soul.

    I’ll take care of the contract processing fees, etc. Will courier the agreement to you, which you can sign and return (pre-paid postage).

    Could you possibly email me on (i ‘at’ asfaq ‘dot’ com)

  10. Your approach is all wrong. I wont tell you what approach has success, that is for you to find out, but like your first attempt, the Atheists know the value of a Soul to believers, God, and the Devil. Agnostics and Atheists tend to know your belief systems better than you. Good luck trying though.

  11. Also I have amassed a number of souls myself, they were already disincarnates, no tricking the living, they willingly gave their souls to me free of charge and I paid nothing to them myself for them. I am trying to be generous when I have amassed a great number of them. There are poor demons out there with no souls to have as minions, victims. etc. and since generosity and charity are Heavenly I see it fit to give the needy something. Actually this is an experiment to see what the forces of Heaven will do about this world. Helps to be born with a sixth sense and I can see all of that crap. God is Love, the Heavens are Love, they want to help this world, when I see this world reflect that I might consider releasing these souls to what changes the world for the better. Better in the terms that people on this world see the word for themselves and others.

  12. I’m willing to for the right price… Can’t come cheap buddy… And will anything backfire? You don’t really explain that.

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