The time has come in my life when I need to sit down and be honest with myself about how little interest I have in maintaining my blog

While I still fancy the idea of having my own little cubicle space on the internet, I’m leaving behind any pretence that I keep the blog regularly updated.

For the most part, this site is managed entirely by me, Ash Tapia. I live in Mumbai, Bangalore, London.

This site is where I post my thoughts that are too big to fit within the 140 characters of Twitter. Mostly, I write about 3 themes — Technology, Advertising & Health.

I’ve always been fascinated by human interaction on the internet — from ICQ, to IRC, to Online Forums, to now Social Media. My varied interests have ensured I do interesting stuff at scale in the MarTech and ResTech space. Eternally curious, I constantly tinker with things.

This blog came into existence on October 6, 2005 when I was still in my early stages of evolution. In all the time it has existed, it has served no useful purpose to the world, other than to entertain myself.