Monday is over and am in the ‘happy’ mood right now.. dont know why.. cant seem to pin my finger onto it. Maybe becuase i am ahead of my deadlines? maybe because the matheran trip was fun? maybe because i had a bottle of masala soda.. 🙂 I dont know..

Ok, on to the matheran trip. Apart from all the boozing and smoking that people were indulging in, it was total fun! I didnt mind the bad food or the immense amount of walking.. ok just a little bit.. but it was ok. Nothing life threatning. It was raining on and off so it was nice and pleasant there. It was a wonderful break from all the normal routine week work.

Apart from that, I will be getting myself the comp REALLY soon now so just for that. Ad is brining ‘thepla’ for dinner. He’s a decent enough chap. I wonder why everyone finds him so bizzare..Well ya, he is slightly strange but not that bad.

My only headache is that the money is still not in the bank.. the sal cheque is still not credited, that means that am broke as hell right now.. but its ok, I think I can manage being boke. Gets me back to my roots in a way. I have been more boke than this before and managed to live on so this cant be that bad.

Office work is going grand.. I think i’ll go home now.. adios..

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