The last few days have been totally horrific. I’ve been down with this horrible cold and sore throat that refuses to go away and I have been at the Skoar expo site for 2 days straight. No sleep, no rest – no life in a nutshell.

Apart from that, life rocks. I’ve had quite a lot of fun interacting with all the clients at the expo and making new contacts. I have some plans for MTV and K2. Not to be an MCP or anything but the guy who selected the booth babes for the expo was either blind or got paid by the girls too to be selected. The moment I saw them, I decided there was too much photoshopping to be done on them (yes, I know I am being mean right now).

After giving my bike for servicing, I thought it’d start working all right after a few miles and the handling and gear shifting would become smother but over the last few days, this too has become progressively worse. I knew I shouldn’t have given my bike to that new mechanic at RNZ Motors. Time to go there again today for another checkup.

Its 11AM and am still not ready yet. My whole body feels like I have been back from a 2 day bike ride. Dang. Better get going then… ta…

– me.

PS: Happy Republic Day people (is that the correct nomenclature? I don’t know). Bigger rant on that later…

PPS: The scheming and planning that I have been talking about in the last few days is on in full swing…will give you more dope on that once things are finalised.

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