7 days left*

7 days left* untill I officially resign from the C Company. Was at my effective best yesterday in office. Offered to do boss’s reports too.. gotta go early today to K.O them.

Didnt do the closure yesterday. I forgot about it! Can you believe that! I forgot! Sheesh..

Relocating to a different city can be such a pain in the ass! You have to firstly find accomodation which is a saga in itself, then you have to find out if the place is providing cupboards, mattresses, buckets, gyser and other crap. Haggling over the rent is another piss off.. The bad part with me is that I am a total n00b at this. This is the first time I shall be staying on my own. Thesedays, I have started to worry about things like ‘what will I eat!!!’, ‘who will wash my clothes???’ (that still continues to be an enigma!) etc..

Lets see how today turns out to be!

*7 days excluding offs.

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