A Caveman Eats Modern ‘Food’

Cave man

I have been Paleo now for half a year and the results have been stunning. However, since going Paleo, I have never gone back to eating modern ‘food’ full time. Maybe a meal here, a few chocolates there, kinda like that. I have always wondered what it would be like if I went back to eating the way I was a year ago and see what changes that has on my body.

The idea presented itself this week when a relative was visiting me. While he is curious about Paleo, he eats modern ‘food’. What better way to eat with him and see what changes go on in my body when I don’t eat nutritious Paleo food.

TL;DR — At the end of this week, I have a cold, feel drugged, bloated and don’t feel as fresh and alert as I normally do.

Below is a weight chart for the week and you can clearly see an upswing in the fat percentage here. I gained 3.3 kgs this week. Insane!


When my relative arrived, almost every meal was eaten outside. Even though we ate a lot of protein, it wasn’t made by me and had ingredients I wouldn’t touch if I were making it.

Monday/ Tuesday—I was eating everything I could lay my hands on. Ate like a pig, ate so much pastry and had a few beers.

Wednesday—I ended up having a sore throat, a cold and felt ill. Still eating so much junk food!

Thursday—I started moving a lot more doing longer walks and smaller meals and still felt unwell.

Friday—I was full blown sick, not bed ridden mind you, but a sickening feeling of being drugged where you can feel you are slow and not happy internally. I walked like a maniac with the relative (and feel kinda guilty for making him walk so much). At night, I had cough syrup and went to sleep very soundly 😉

Saturday—I woke up still feeling drugged and continued eating modern ‘food’ for breakfast and lunch.

My relative has left now and I can’t wait to get back to all the beef chops and veggies that are calling out to me from the fridge.

Let’s see how much fat I can lose by just eating pure paleo from tomorrow onwards. Another blog post awaits next Saturday!

Update: Here is Part 2 of this blog post. After a week, I lost 2.2kgs in a week and lost 2.3% body fat. Here is how I did it.

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