A new week begins!

The weekend was good! 🙂 Went over to Hu’s place.. watched 2 movies.. ‘Namastey London‘ and ‘The Namesake‘.. the former being a total bore, i think i dozed off somewhere in the middle after the interval! ‘The Namesake‘ is a fantastic movie, at least i liked it. I like the serious arty movies than the regular commercial ‘love triangle’ movies..

One week at the D Company is officially over! How do i feel u ask me? FANTASTIC!!! Though there is no sense of time management out here.. The boss has dropped too many hints that i would have to ‘stretch’ in the coming days.. lets wait and watch.. The good thing about the whole of last week was that I had nothing to do at all !! All i did was logged into gmail and all the other regular forums and surfed the net continuously. The best part about this job is that you have ‘work’ only for 2 weeks of the month, when you are actually writing the stories for the D Company. At other times, you can do as you please! I see people playing around with their comps, installing/uninstalling stuff, modding their phones all the time out here.. its normal to do these things out here apparently! Happy happy joy joy.. heh (yep, i love ‘The Ren and Stimpy Show’)

Chatted wid Kav yesterday, felt nice.. She’s missing me! Being a trainer does take its toll on anyone! Sigh, i feel sad for her somehow.. Spoke to Z also, she’s doing fine too.. I can safely say that i am now totally independent off her.. so much for kicking addiction. Kha was asking me about her yesterday.. about how i was coping with it all.. when i told her that i was over her, she was more than surprised for some strange reason. I think the distance helped 🙂 Some people think i came to Bombay to get away from it all but that’s just them putting two and two together.. Do i sound like a celebrity? LOL !!!

Got to write articles this week, my first article for the D Company will be about MS Excel (wat irony! hehe) 2007.. gotta write about its graphical settings et all.. so that should be easy enough.. i think.

Watch out for the May issue folks! I’ll be in it 😉

I read this somewhere.. quite inspiring to be honest:

First they advise you,
then they laugh at you,
then they mock you,
then they fight you,
then you win!

Ok, so it was not exactly the way it was written but that’s all i can recall.

PS: Jus had an interesting conversation with Sub (the CEO). I was asking him about how the D Company could have a readership base larger tha all its competition combined (yeah, its true! Check IRS). All he had to say was that “we play the game on our own turf” Very enlightening indeed 🙂

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