Abstract thoughts

Life’s gotten better off-late! Its no more as hectic as it used to be and am glad and I hope remains this way! The plan of buying the computer that i mentioned is on in full swing and the scheming has started. The only headache right now is that the bank formalities for my salary account are still not done (as usual, I have been lazy enough to not submit the bank papers even after 2 months!) and I dont want to recieve a cheque again. I dont want to courier it to bangalore again to get the cheque cleared. It takes almost a week for that to happen.. sigh! I think i’ll ask the accounts department to give me cash. Lets see how they respond to that request! Another moot point is how do i go about buying the comp. It will certainly drive up monthly expenses (electricity bill) and I dont see Ad very happy over it. He is the extreme conservationalist type.

Parents back from vacation. Still have to see the snaps.. stupid bro wont even post em online soon! I guess i’ll call em up and ask him to send the cd via courier.

The sms wid Kh is becoming a regular affair every night and its great cuz atleast i dont feel all bored and lonely. Things should get better once the comp is in. Hu called yesterday and asked if i wanted to come to Matheran again in June. Am looking forward to it. It should be an awesome place to visit in the rains! The snaps will look grand!

Still not got the story for the 1 last article i need to write! Today is the absolute end deadline and I dont think i’ll leave home before finding a story today which i can write a 100 words on. Already started mentally preparing myself for a long day at work..

Catch you later!

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