After the aftermath

Finally am well again.. 95% (tht means almost, jackass) ok! I was down with viral fever and after a really stupid incident of taking the wrong medicine on an empty stomach, i ended up vomiting like mad on tueday night! The next day was slept off in total ignorance! In the night, better sense prevailed and i got hold of the correct meds, recovery start almost immediately and i could see the difference with every passing dosage! I hope it gets totally ok by tomorrow morning!

Its just started raining in mumbai and i got wet in the frst rains! 🙂 I wanna get drentched this time! Completely.. lets pray tht oppurtunity comes soon 🙂 Life rocks right now! Moved onto a better mobile plan, the earlier one was killing me dry!

Have done nothing today so feel mighty thrilled about the whole thing.. 🙂

Time to go enjoy the weekend folks! Cya!

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