After The Aftermath

Its been a frenzy last few days !! Certification on friday went well.. surprisingly everyone got pretty good grades in the written test (80% being passing) and everything went according to plan. There were only 3 people who didnt make it, am kinda feeling bad about it but then this happens all the time (funny, i thought i was pretty insensitive !!). Certification is really a stressful job.. You have to go completely by the performance of the trainee and how calm and controlled they are (normally they are freaked out crazy) and how well they handle pressure situations. We’d probably grill them for half hour before letting them go. Doing this to everyone can be very tiring for yourself as you are doing it on all certifications. This is the life of a trainer, i guess.


I juat HAD to unwind, so I met up with a few old friends during the weekend.. It was nice to meet them again.. Met wid Puja also and we wanted desperately to watch Being Cyrus but it was pre booked everywhere.. the only other movies left were some Banaras and some other movie i’ve thankfully forgotten !!!


The Goa plan seems to have hit a snag.. Kiran has applied for a promotion to the post of trainer, and if he gets thru the first 2 rounds then he will have an interview on friday.. hope he gets thru !!! we can always go to Goa later and if he does, then we can make him foot the bill too !!!


Yesterday was again a hectic day.. getting everyone arranged and sorted in their teams is pretty stressfull.. then you have to let go and allow the team leads to take over and start mentoring their new recruits..

Today has been chillax thanfully.. not much work to do.. My boss sent out my appraisal form which asks how i rate myself as a trainer, blah blah blah and i happily fussed over it for 2 hours  Made sure it was all prim and proper and sent it back to her. Tomorrow is my appraisal.. hope i get a big fat raise and everything

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