All Women Are Clones!!

Dear comrades,

You have heard it before – ‘all men are the same’, they say. Don’t deny it. Your mom, friend, girlfriend, spouse or worse — all of them have said it to you and you have listened in quiet disbelief.

You have your own theory on this; ‘all women are the same too’, you think. The only difference being, you never really voice it for fear of backlash.

So all you women out there, step back for moment and think about it.. Even though you hate to admit it, aren’t you all clones too?

  • Why is it that men always have to be funny and witty?
  • Even though you miss call us and expect us to call you back, why expect us to be the conversation starters?
  • What of the time when we are already on the phone when you call us, can’t you wait till our call is over for us to call you back. What’s with the continuous calling?
  • WHY do you only remember all the fights and mistakes? What of the times when we do things randomly for you?
  • Its ok to not like The Matrix or Star Trek, but don’t we come with you for Bride Wars?
  • Why do you have to be so picky about where to eat?
  • Tell me something you have never told me before” – Every woman apart from your mom will ask you this question.
  • You don’t have to be cranky ALL the time!
  • We don’t ask why you took so long to call you back, what’s with the probing questions?
  • You know riding on the bike messes your hair, do you have to make a scene every time?
  • Guys generally have only 3 pairs of jeans – black, blue and brown. Deal with it.
  • What’s with the shoes fetish?

Any more u guys can come up with?


  1. A, although i agree wit the majority of your questions, just like we women admit to all of the above, you also have to agree that there are exceptions to the rule! I’ve dated my share of cranky men too! Lemme explain how the last question works for me… See your weight will always increase or decrease… but your shoe size stays! I love this tiny irritation bursts that compel you to blog about it! That’s why i love you and i promise never to make you wait again or complain! Kudos! xoxoM.

  2. cranky is cute only if followed in the 1:7 ratio. Its been scientifically proven too!

  3. You want to generalise? Then what’s the difference between them and us? 😉 If somebody thinks you are like any other guy might as well tell that person to buzz off 😛

  4. Well, frankly I’m kinda tired of this man-woman-and-their-eccentricities kinda thingy. The ‘why’ and the ‘how’ can be answered by psychologists alone, and even if they do answer it, we’ll still need to deal with it. If men and women were agreeable on almost every thing, I’d say the world would be a rather mundane place to live in.So while the ‘comrades’ call is welcome, as much as blogspots like this, since they are so much fun to read and reflect at ourselves, I’d say..”Ladies, be just the way you are.I can’t imagine you any other way!”

  5. 1. Because most men think a woman who’s funny and witty is ‘one of the guys’ and hence not a woman to be dated, loved, treated as a human being with feelings. I speak from experience so don’t contradict that!2. Conversation starters? Huh, don’t you know me, Ash? Or maybe it’s just that we prefer having the last word always! ;-)3. Hain? How dare you speak to anyone else when we’re around? Huh? Huh?4. Do things randomly for you – umm, like what, fr’instance?5. …and complain about it for oh, about a time duration that spans 50 times the length of the movie itself!6. Why do you have to be so picky about how we look then?7. It makes us feel a little special. Ha, fooled you, didn’t I?! Well, women are all secretly detectives and scientists inside their own heads. We love the cloak-and-dagger scenario, we enjoy playing good cop/bad cop but we think you’ll get all possessive about your turf if we admit to it so we play it out in other ways. So….what are you really thinking about then, sweetie?8. You don’t have to be a super annoyance all the time!9. Actually come to think of it, I keep getting asked all the time (and by the men!!) what takes me so long to call back. But to come back to it, when we call you, it’s because we really, really, really want to talk to you and that’s because we feel wonderful talking to you. If firstly you can’t take our call then and secondly you’re talking to someone else for a looooong time, it makes us feel like you don’t care about our feeling good and what’s worse – you’re making someone else feel good instead. And then if you come back and tell us that we’re the most important person in your life, wouldn’t we be right in asking…..then, whatever took you so long to call back?10. Because you might mistake us for terrorism supporters or guys if we take practical measures to tie up our hair. And when we get down with bike-hair, you might mistake us for electrocution victims. As you can tell, you mistake us for a lot of things. Can you blame us for being dithery about wanting to get it right – always – for you?11. Women are compulsive beautifiers. Deal with it.12. See above. The other thing is that you need the right skin tone for makeup to look good, the right hair for styling to carry well, the right figure for clothes to look fab but any woman can look beautiful in the right pair of shoes.

  6. Dearest-est-est Ideasmith, next time u wanna comment, tell me. I’ll let u make a whole new blogpost for it :-p

  7. dude some more …– What about our hair, facial and non…. why cant they like something we try with them ??!!– Them getting angry on something which we are not aware .. which we’ll never be told….– and movies … “I’ll defn come with u for this action flick” Which doesnt happen till 2-3 weeks, the movie is out of theatres… soon to realise we’ve seen it now with some interested friends and then one more week of no-talking !!and many more can be added… 🙂

  8. You could manage to get only these many, You missed shopping…and window shopping…n bags….we hate men…n..PMS 365..and…ex gfs…and bosses…and… we say no when we mean yes and yes when we mean no…and u guys will never understd us girls….i can go on and on…yes we are clones…and i think we proud of it…proud to be the emotionally intellectual one.

  9. Here are my additions:1. All women like looking at clothes, shoes, trinkets, bags, and everything under the market sun for insane number of hours only to declare at the end at our puzzled glances that they never intended to by it in the first place!!! Then why LOOK? It’s not like you could or should afford it, either!!! Goddamit, it happens everytime I pass by even a 1 km radius of that damned place!2. All of them like talking about and listening to peoples problems, failures and miseries- in short, gossip, despite the fact that neither them, nor their better halves can do ANYTHING to even remotely suggest that the situation might change due to anything you might fathom. 3. They can never just discuss a problem, to come to it’s resolution!!!! They can do just that at their work place, so well! But, at home, it’s as if that skill just never existed in the history of human behaviour, like it was an alien torurous concept concocted by us men to further their misery, never wanting to understand them! If we DIDN’T want to understand them, do you think we’d ever bother to ask them to simply say what the latest cause of their sulking is? Do I look like I come with a set of ‘pick-up-womens-thoughts’ antenna on my friggin head???? Christ, I wish I had one of those, I wish they’d invent it!4. And, no, just because we watch porn of women that look great [no, they are not unnatural, it’s beautiful], it doesn’t mean that we secretly wish that our women were like that, or we’d rather sleep with women that look like that, than make love to you. It’s FANTASY! Help releive stress, and it’s fun. Plus, we’ve been working very hard at keeping upto date with it ever since we were thirteen. We DON’T want to stop, and we WON’T stop, no matter how much you pretend to enjoy it or not mind it, waiting for us to ‘grow’ out of it!!! [Who came up with the ‘grow out of it’ concept anyway? What the frig IS that?]5. Saas-bahu serials, all of them, no matter in English or Hindi or friggin Croatian, for all I care. All of them like it at some point [this point relates to point no. 2], I don’t think Jesus Christ himself can fix that bug! I’m sure the dude tried. Maybe that’s why there’s so much misery in this world! He’s busy trying to rectify so many overly complex processess in the women kind!!!6. How about the whole ‘subtle’ opposite meaning thing!!!! Don’t even get me started on that!!! You’ll run out of blog space, dude!!!

  10. I thought it was just us women who whines about things.LoL.. I have list of men who equally whines…may be more than we do….LoL…LoL

  11. Quite on the contrary, I am married, and happily so! – had to be, how else on earth do you think I would know all these things about women? Ironic, you think? I didn’t say we were perfect- far from it!!  You see comments from a certain ‘Kuki’, here? That’s the woman that’s been sentenced to me. I am just praying she doesn’t realise that she actually has a choice!!!

  12. LoL Sav, then Kuki, shud tell us some of ur quirks!Sorry Asfaq, for turning this into a semi-chat! u know i <3 u!

  13. its fun reading all the comments… it just made me realize that boys are going toremain boys and girls are just going to remain girls… we all have to accept it!! and live with it that’s the beauty of life! so stop whining 🙂

  14. Damn.. I just read all the comments here finally.. This has turned out to be such a fun post that I want this to be the first one ppl see when they come to this blog!

  15. Just one point to prove u wrong (point no 4)If u think girls are like that then – You also know riding on the bike with a helmet on is gonna spoil ur perfectly combed hair with those ugly spikes, do u have to make a big scene every timeU cant argue on this one….i have statements to prove this 😛

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