Today was a kinda rough day.. made the damn report for the boss. It took 6.5 hours to do so! Collating data is so tiresome and labor intensive! Why does he have to give me all his reports when he has to send them yesterday? If you cant do em then send them to me at least a day in advance, not after YOUR deadline has passed!

Still haven’t gotten through the closure. Z went out to meet A after office, till today morning I didn’t think it would affect me that much but it has and it hurts. Am not feeling bad or jealous about her meeting him (well ok, just a little maybe) but am pissed at myself for being this way! Sigh.. stupid life… The worst part of it all is that she pretends that nothing has happened at all, its so irritating.. How can someone be so totally self obsessed and oblivious to the world around them?


On the brighter side, mailed S today asking if the PG had bare necessities.. So glad to find that the guy has a super sense of humor! Me thinks we will hit it off really well, the morning walks to office should be loads of fun! 🙂

I found out today that I need a NOC and Change of Address Form if i have to take my bike from Bangalore to Bombay, will do that this Saturday. The DL should be done by Saturday. So many things to look after!

Hu is planning a trip to Manori Beach with the cousins on the 24th and 25th. Looking forward to that one.

Called Ku also today explaining why i cant come to Ooty. He’s one understanding dude, hope he comes down to Bombay

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