Another day.. another muse

Ok, so last night was not as bad as the previous night. Getting used to being alone. I mean i have always been a kind of loner but this is like hardcore! Work is piling up and last night i was at work till 9:30pm. Sigh! The only solace is that its fun.. Back to work today at 8:30am. The guard at the gate gave me the “are you stupid?” look, so i just raised the accelerator and zoomed in. Mamu and Mani are coming over today to check the house and see if everything is ok or not. Ad (my roommate) will be back from Delhi on Monday so i guess it shouldnt be that bad. Guess i’ll stay at Hu’s place over the weekend.

Chatted with Z on AIM last night.. she is doing fine. Sounded kinda disinterested but i’ve come to expect that from here. Tried calling her later but the phone just kept ringing. So thats that. I’ve decided not to push things, just let it drift.

I need to get my salary account made. Got the cheque yesterday but the account is not made so there is no where i can encash it now! Am soooo stuck now. Will try to buy the mags today and post them out to you guys! will keep you updated on that front.


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