April Fool’s Day is a Waste of Time

April Fool


I wish Google had spent more time on Google Reader or Google+, instead, they seemed to have spent so much of their resources on doing something that is absolutely useless and will last only a day in publicity.

In a time, not too long ago from now, companies didn’t bother about April Fool’s Day. We didn’t see expensive full page newspaper advertisements *cough, Lay’s, cough* of brands trying very hard to capture mind space, especially here in India. Alas, those days are now past. Brands want to milk everything these days — from Amitabh Bachchan’s birthday to April Fool’s Day — everything goes. The focus has shifted to being frivolous.

I wish companies would try harder to deliver genuinely funny April Fool’s Day messages and when they can’t think of something interesting, they politely stay away from making a fool of themselves. I wish Google had spent more time on Google Reader or Google+ instead.

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  1. everyone wants to become known. they forget what is important in life. excellent post!

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