Bad bad bad day.

Have you ever been in a situation where something you wanted not to go
wrong went horribly wrong? When you have tried your best and dont want
to give up and yet things keep slipping away. This is how life has
been for me in the past few days.

Today has been an exceptionally horrid day. Had an arguement with a
very close friend and things dont seem to be looking up. Then in the
evening, went out with my cousin and his fiancee to find myself being
completely sidelined. Even when we met his friends there was no
respite, all of them were couples and i found myself tagging behind
kicking the dirt. It seemed like no one wanted to talk to me today.
Add to that the fact that i was continuously arguing with my close
friend over text for this entire length of time and you can imagine my

This is starting to be such a torture. I am hoping to turn a new leaf
with my new job. I start tomorrow and i hope and pray that it brings
good luck to me.

Just want this horrid day to get over so i think i'll go to sleep early now.


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