Being Brilliant


I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have a clue on how to be brilliant. When I think about it, I understand that it is about taking many small steps in a day as fast as you can. But there is more…


It is more about DOING things – writing that email early in the morning, making that phone call at the right time, and setting expectations right at the right time. If there is something on your plate, DO it.


I whole-heartedly recommend a really amazing free ebook I read some time ago. Its called The Flinch, written by Julien Smith. The book talks about how one can train themselves to move forward when a difficult task presents itself, rather than instinctively moving backward and delaying the task.


I have come to believe that Being Brilliant is all about doing all these small tasks in a day as fast as you can with 100% sincerity.

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