New News

I have stopped blogging actively; this happened at least five months ago, so you know now that I have REALLY stopped. However, I frequent, which is a micro-blogging web site. If you are still obsessed about what I am on about these days, follow me on these places:

On Twitter: @Asfaq

My LifeStream (meaning):
I will however continue to post here when time permits or when I REALLY have something interesting to talk of.
Later then!

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Am alive, really!

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve done this–blogged. Life has been OK so far, nothing out of the ordinary. Since I’ve last posted, Granny has passed away and I’ve had some time to ponder over life, the universe and everything. What’s good though is that I am back with a bang and have quite a few thing s to look forward to.

The birthday went off surprisingly well and I didn’t think I could be wished by so many people too… feels good to know that so many people remember my birthday (or just say my birthday notification on FB or Orkut and didn’t forget to wish), it’s the thought that counts.

I’ve been having an interesting debate within myself and with a friend to move my blog to the WordPress platform. The advantages are moving to a more widely accepted blogging platform, the ability to have FULL control over your blog skin, and to have readymade plugins that can do all sorts of things.

The bad part of it all is that I’ll have to find hosting space AND pay for bandwidth charges, which am not willing to do. The move will also make sure that I interact with a WSIWYG editor that does not work too well with Opera. Also, if I move to WP from blogger, all my comments from blogger will be lost 🙁 Therefore, if you guys know of anyone who can make me a good three-column, minimalistic theme for blogger, let me know.

Nothing much happening apart from all this. Watch this space for new updates soon!

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