Some Web site tweaks.

Ok, so I finished tweaking my site.. there is still some more tweaking to do which I shall complete. I disliked the white backbround and I have always believed that the black on white colour scheme is horrible for your eyes when on the computer. It may be good for the print media but its just not the same when pixilated. That explains my light grey on matte black layout. Why the orange? Cuz its my fav colour along with light blue. So there :p

The layout is still not completely perfect, I want the posts to be extensible and adjust the width based on different computer screen sizes and take up the entire horizontal area. I also want to add links of all my profiles on social networking sites but am not getting the correct idea… Will have to look into it later.

Time to call my source. I hope the replies are ready so that I don’t get my head chopped off today.

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Monday mornings! I love them.. erm…

Right… so here I am sitting in front of the comp, waiting for the replies for one of my articles to come in. This can be sooo annoying sometimes. This stuff is not in your hands, and all you can do is hope and pray that the replies will be in sometime soon. The deadline is long past and getting many brickbats for a change. Dang… to top it off there is nothing to distract you either. You have finished all your other assignments for the month, done all the other articles you can do… even written a 10k word article in 3 days! (Now that’s what you call ‘pounding the keyboard’). Let’s hope and pray that the replies come in before the boss enquires about them again… I hate to say that the work is not done.

Visited my blog again. I thought I had activated my twitter feeds to be sent by mail to the blog but that has somehow not worked. Gotta check on that, it’d be cool if that got working. I am slowly realising how effectively you can use Twitter, no more ‘instant sms updates’ for me. I now use a service on which I spent only 3 bucks. Gotta write an article on this… surely!

I need to start channelling my energies towards the future. There are things to do. I delayed them during the weekend and I feel miserable for it. Will get down to doing em in earnest this week.

Need to upload the snaps I have on the phone too… they have started accumulating – and rusting on the phone. Aaphis goes grand and there are more plans for it. Apart from that, nothing much.

The weekend was boring. Did nothing noteworthy on saturday, watched the match… did a jig when India one. Thats it. Bought jeans and cargoes on yesterday… blew up 1800… am not really brand concious but this offer, I could not pass up – it was one of those ‘buy one get one free’ kinds… so the impulse shopping kicked in. Bought black jeans (since my current black ones have happily faded to being dirty grey) and green cargoes with lots of pockets (not as baggy as the last ones I bought). So that was how the cookie crumbled.

Some site tweaks are in order. They should be done by today. Something to keep me busy I guess 🙂


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