Life needs a reboot

I think the last time I wrote a blog post was well over a month ago, so I guess now will be a good time to resume where I left off from.

Let’s start with the family get-together shall we? It went off well… far too well for comfort. I thought my family was daft… but after the initial reactions passed I was actually starting to like the whole thing! I know this may sound doozy but I actually thought the picnic went off well. I thought the cousins were a tad stupid but surprise surprise, all the other cousins thought the same too and in the end, we came off as having ‘not so weird’ opinions of each other!!! The uncles and aunts drank and I soon realised that I am related to one of the most bhindaas families that I know! There was tons of dancing and tons of photo opportunities and I thanked my lucky stars that I didn’t forget my tooth brush at home. Photos were clicked and uploaded on facebook the next day, everyone got into the tagging act and soon everyone was tagged in all the photos (I think that clinched it for me), very impressive, IMHO.

Since then, life has been a steady roll. There have been a few downs but quite a few ups too, like attending most of the technology related industry conferences and getting to know loads of people. If you must have noticed in the last few days, the twitter updates have stopped rolling in. This is because I really don’t want to populate the blog with twitter entries! This makes me lethargic and not want to update more frequently, cuz I know at the back of my head that a new post is being created automatically every day.

I was at Pangea day yesterday and it was truly an event of a lifetime. It was great to see so many countries participating and getting the feeling of being part of a global event was quite something in itself. I got to meet so many people that I knew from the online/work sphere that it will now be stupid of me to say that I don’t have too many friends in Mumbai. The only down side about the event was that it got over at 3am and by then, I was totally sleepy-eyed and pooped. To add to the woes, I was made to wake up at 8am and therefore I now have eyes that look like tomatoes. Shit, that reminds me… I need to sleep!!!!

Ta ppl!

j j j

World of My Own

Quite a bit has happened in the last few days! Since I have started using my old phone, I have more respect for SE than Nokia… their usability standards are wayyy up there with the very best. The community help and participation is wide and I have always gotten help for any issue I have faced. Nokia however, is a totally different story. The Nokia Developer Forum is in a state of limbo, other sites have Nokia focused communities but most of the help you get there for the N-Series models is very basic and lame. This is because of the closed nature of the phone. You really can’t do much about it, you can’t enter the developer mode, you can’t play around with the OS, can’t modify, can’t get to the OS files… nothing. Kinda sucks when you think about it.

I got a haircut done. This time it’s a mohawk. I went to my barber (how rudimentary, am sure he’d cringe at the word, so lets call him hair stylist!) initially and asked him to give me a really short crop so I can bear the summer heat. In that spur of a moment, I asked for a ‘spike cut’. He gave me his patented WTF look and told me that this was not 2005… and persuaded me to get the mohawk, so the mohawk it was then.

I want to change the blog design too. Firstly, remove the freaking Twitter RSS feed injection but I have forgotten the service I used to do it in the first place so I’ll have to find a workaround for the same. Then I want to make the blog posts more scalable and use full screen space rather than a fixed width. I don’t want to mess with the one-column design or the colours as I think I have reached an optimal there. Lets hope I don’t run into any complications while making these changes!

The family gathering is scheduled on the weekend and I hope it goes well. Many friends from my school, college and work circles are joining Twitter and I can see them all mingle. Its like the line between all these circles is now slowly getting blurred and being ‘social’ is certainly helping!

I stopped using Google Reader and have been testing Feed Demon since yesterday. I am glad to say that I have been a complete dunce for not trying offline RSS readers out in the first place. The first thing I noticed was how time zones affect the content upgrade on various websites. Now, most websites that I follow are in the western hemisphere and it was fun to see how their feeds were getting updated at around 10-11am their time, there. Then in the morning, I could see how the Indian websites were getting updated around the same time. I could never get this level of real-time update notification with Google Reader and I realised that the best time to update one’s site is around 8am, so that the Google Reader has at least 2 hours to pick up your feed and the subscriber gets to read absolutely fresh content when he logs in, in the morning. Also like the way Feed Demon syncs between the work and home computers. I thought I’d have to install it in DropBox but this functionality – being inbuilt – is impressive.

Guess I better get going now and get the blog update fixed. Ta ppl! See you on the other side of this weekend!

j j j