Thursday's Thoughts

Right, let’s get this out of the way right away… The wedding was not as bad as I had expected it to be. Though I didn’t know the bride or the groom or the 200 odd people there, there were quite a few who came up to me and asked if I was Asfaq from Bangalore… well waddiya know! Am world famous on a different planet! That aside, the food was absolutely top class (something that I’ve come to expect from Bori weddings now, having attended a grand total of two such weddings!). I also discovered that there is another Asfaq Tapia in the family… A VERY far off-distant-I have never met- I won’t ever meet type of relative with the same name. Funny, I thought I was the only person in the world with that name, another myth down the drain I guess.

Woke up quite late today and rushed to work on the bike. The New Year exhaustion is wearing off slowly but the Bombay chill is increasing by the day. I love riding the bike these days, it’s pleasantly cool on the streets when you have your jacket on.

Chatting wid Sa these days is fun and me thinks that we will hit it off quite well… There is too much work to do today, so I’ll stop posting right now.


P.S. The New Year snaps<< 🙂

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Wonderful Wednesday

The last few days have been good.. a roller coaster ride actually but pretty decent. I have finally got the comp at home to start working and things at home are now better. Its been raining continuously and thankfully its become much cooler these days which allows me to wear my ‘woolly Bangalore clothes’ which i wondered if i would ever be able to wear in the sweltering heat of Bombay..

The birthday was ok-okish. Went out for a long ride wid Hu. The original plan was Lonavla but he bummed out in the end so we settled for Kargar Hills which was close by and on the way.. but after lots of searching and asking around and being low on fuel, we decided to return back home.. covering a good 100km in a day. Then in the night i got a surprise treat from my cousins and we went out for dinner.. some gifts followed and am glad i was gifted Jovan Musk. Its my fav perfume of all time! Got a watch too, i was about to buy one the other day but i decided against it. The older black timex-indiglo one is just way to old now i guess.. I don’t feel like changing it to be honest cuz its working as fit as a fiddle and i don’t have to bother about removing it even when having a bath! (that does not mean i don’t remove it when having a bath!)

I started writing in the diary again.. wrote a poem.. getting back in touch with that habit. Its like a release mechanism which gets me away from everything tech related at the end of the day.. felt good writing something creative after a long time.. i must admit i am still really rusty though. I thought i ended the poem pretty shabbily but that’s ok.. I’ll work towards getting better at it. Nothing much happening right now.. got songs of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom today. Got Hitch too, which i wanted to see since a long time. Also got Cheeni Kum and getting Metro :p I wanna watch all these movies over the weekend.. prolly over a cup of coffee which i shall experiment over. Things looking grand again 🙂

Had a pretty surprising and very frank chat with Hu over the weekend and realised that things are not very rosy rosy with me going over to his place every weekend so i shall ‘cease and desist’ from doing so as much as i can. He is correct in a way.. i need to start socialising over here and i need to start making friends.. not meeting cousins and going out with THEIR friends.. so that’s what i plan to do..

I want to move over to airtel too.. quickly.. and i want a new phone.. am i being materialistic? Hell ya!

The days in office this week have been kind, not much work to do, the July issue having closed, we are looking for new ideas and Mr Asfaq is again procrastinating till the last moment before he searches for new ideas. I need to get rid of doing things at the final, very last, minute. Google calender is helping in that way but when things pile up the schedules does go awry and that results in longs days at the office.. So, i need to be more organised.

Had samosa pav for dinner last nite.. all 3 of em wid loads of chillies, got acidity and couldn’t sleep all nite.. heh. Today in the morning, on the way to office, i saw an idly-vada stall by the roadside, just like those avail in Bangalore, and stopped to hav breakfast there instead of the regular office fare. I can be so impulsive sometimes 🙂

Not doing much right now.. feel pretty lazy. Have a story ideation meeting at 2 (which will stretch comfortably till 6) and i need to have some brilliant ideas for that, so i shall take leave now and make the best use of the 1.5 hours i have. Time to have lunch.. heh..

adios ppl!

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