The depression continues…

Another day has passed and I am still in this state of perennial depression. I think I’ve gotten used to being this way now. Last night was also kinda pathetic. I am not the type who can stay alone for long. I have to be able to look forward to doing things and talking to people and going out… what’s happening right now is that am not doing any of that. All I do is go to work, return and go off to sleep. Wake up and go to work again. The weekends are no better. Nothing seems to be going right. I think I shall return back to staying with my uncle. At least that way I’ll have something to look forward to everyday… someone to talk to; feeling really empty right now. I wish Hu wasn’t as distant as he is right now. I wish Ku would call and meet more often. Every time I call him he seems to be busy. Everyone is so engrossed in their lives these days. The only way to come to know what people are doing is via FB. That seems so artificial to me. I wish I was in Bangalore right now.

Work-wise, things are going grand. I’ve been able to stay on track with all my article. Though the work is increasing, I manage to keep up now. So am not at all worried on that front. I will overcome this miserable feeling… I know not when…

Listening to 1973 – James Blunt.


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