The Christmasy Weekend

I hope Calvin and Hobbes brightens your day!

Calvin and Hobbes! My fav comic.

Let me tell you about more cliché things now shall I? How about Christmas? (Oh, don’t moan, like you didn’t know it was coming!) This year the ‘Mumbai-Christmas’ was different – to put it aptly. Since the last 3 years of my life, I have spent Christmas with well – Christians. You can’t help but be in a merry mood with all the carol singing, standing under mistletoes (I must mention here that those looked really odd when strung at a bachelor’s house with only guys in the party, so you generally avoided them), the rum cakes… you couldn’t help but be merry. This year however, I spent it with Hu! Watched two movies… One I’d rather not talk about (Oh, OK! it was Welcome – that horrific Hindi movie they incorrectly labelled as a ‘comedy’) and the other Bee Movie (which I had already seen earlier).

I also went shopping yesterday and blew up 1700 bucks :p on jeans! W00t! Levies and all that… pretty cool. Came to office after a good 4 day break (i took a leave on Monday) and found 35 scraps on Orkut wishing me ‘Merry Christmas’, some to the point and some I could hardly make any sense of.

The weekend was fab! Met up wid Ku-Shru again and we went about roaming everywhere. It was awesome fun. In-Orbit mall is bigger than I expected it to be! We sat around chatting and having 2 of the cheapest coffees on the menu and then had dinner with em.

You know, this year, the festivities become wayy too virtual for me. I used a JavaScript to scrap everyone on Orkut with the ‘Merry Christmas’ message. It stole the fun out of meeting up with everyone and lip-syncing the carols (I must confess, I don’t know a word of em and by the time they started at Pillai’s place, I would be too high to care). I think this ‘scrap-everyone’ thingy is a tad too automatic for me. For next time, I guess I’ll just stick to sending it manually to people I WANT to.

Did you know that you can copy the text of any windows error message by pressing [Ctrl] + C and paste it by pressing [Ctrl] + V on the keyboard? Impressive eh?

Another 5 days to a new year, my resolutions? Nothing 🙂

I am doing something related to this blog. Let’s see if it materialises. Think of it as a Christmas present to myself 🙂

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More Nonsense…

Of late, I’ve been reading up a lot on girl gamers. Why don’t many girls game? What is it that interests the ones that do? How they react to the attention they get. One thing is for sure, the world over; girl gamers are respected amongst the gaming community, why? I have no idea… Even if you sucked, if you are a girl who plays CS or DOTA or Quake – you are kinda a celebrity of some magnitude. I want to be able to do a story on girl gamers… How they react to such attention and if they are treated fairly in a game (or do they ask for handicaps, just cuz they are the fairer gender).

I installed Photoshop yesterday cuz I was so bored and jobless. I wanted to make new wallpapers too. What wallpapers do I make best you ask? Being the self-centred egoistic jerk that I am, I make wallpapers with my name on it 😀 So without further ado, enter wallpaper, stage left:

The phone wallapaper I created for myself.

On a different note, went to mamu’s place yesterday. Picked up a walls black-forest sundae on the way for everyone, it’s not nice to go empty handed. Especially when it’s your youngest cousin’s birthday and you haven’t got him a present. So there I was, devouring the ice-cream like I had never had one in my life, I think am getting a bit old at this too cuz my cousins – aged 11 and 8 – were beating me to it comfortably. Bakri Eid came and went without a whimper. Apart from calling everyone individually and wishing them, I didn’t even feel like there was anything special. Being a Muslim in India sucks! I have more fun during Diwali and Holi than I do during Eid or any other ‘Muslim’ festival. Or maybe its cuz I don’t have many ‘bori’ friends – wait a minute, on hindsight, maybe it’s a good thing :p

Going to Hu’s place this weekend. I hope it’s not so boring this time. I’ve had too much fun over the last 2 weekends. Will try to meet up Ku and Shru (nice rhyming names eh?) on Sunday. I hope those workaholics are not working again. Wanna check out the InOrbit mall near their place (which is on the other side of Bombay from where my Hu stays!). So there IS some spark of adventure in this weekend. We’ll see…

Oh… Shruthi reached 100 blog posts yesterday, so congrats and all tht jazz to her. When she first started her blog with posting (i think) all the forwarded e-mail she got, I quickly stoped visiting her space. Bad enough you get so much junk in your inbox already – I didn’t want to read it all over again! But now, I like to read what she writes everyday. Kinda interesting, in a way.

Buh byeee…

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