Certification Day !!!

Last night something really stupid happened.. was returning home from work at about 3am with a friend of mine on his bike when the beat constables stopped us on the highway, they asked where we are coming fro, what we are doing, where do we stay, blah blah blah.. then he did some thing very strange.. asked to see my friend’s DL, Insurance papers and emission test certificate.. now this is something tht a constable would not ask !!! Its normally asked by the traffic cops… We natually objected saying tht they were jus trying to harras us and that they should let us go, but they insisted.. so my friend gave them all the originals.. unfortunately his insurance papers and emission certificate were lapsed !!! Also, his DL looked like some ragged newspaper so effectively we were driving a vehicle without a DL and any papers for it and on top of it all we had messed with the cops.. bad idea.. they asked us to park the vehicle and collect it from the police station in the morning. We pleaded.. lol.. and after many pleases and a lot of haggling we bribed them for 100 bucks and got away.. phew !!!

Today is certification day and am already feeling tired before even reaching the office !! It’ll be one heck of a hectic day today, hope everything goes out well.. i wish all the trainees pass but i know a few wont.. lets see what surprises this one brings up..

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