comScore: Top Indian Websites as of 2008

The latest global data for November was released by comScore recently and there were quite a few interesting (and sometimes surprising) nuggets of information in the details. So without wasting any more of your time, here are the top Indian websites for the period between September and November 2008 according to comScore. Do bear in mind that the Top 10 ranking is judged only on the basis of page views.

Who says the traffic at Yahoo is declining?

If look at the graph above, you will notice that the total minutes spent on and are very poor when compared to the other sites here. The cost that pays for playing dirty is visible here. Not many of the people who come to the site stay on for very long, when compared to the other top 9 sites. Blogger also has a small footprint here because they tend to resolve all incorrect sub-domains to, i.e. If I were to enter it will resolve to the Blogspot domain. Microsoft could be in this list because of the Windows Genuine Advantage notifications that take users to the Microsoft site, which would ofcourse get closed once people find out what it is.


  1. is a news aggregator essentially. Most of their stories lead to articles outside of And u thought they are playing dirtyyyy? 🙂

  2. just 5 percent of their traffic is actually redirect traffic, take a look at alexa or vizi and thats from people who type stuff like and not that hairbrain reasoning that the blogger posted. for a site that has just launched and is essentially an aggregator its doing great. I mean how often do you have an indian site become bigger than digg in traffic. I dont see how they are playing dirty, I love the site , the music and the features.

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