crabby mood

I am tired of people!


I am actually bearing them roughly since the past two years.


I read Jayshankar Prasad. I had never known that level of passion. I learned. I grew. But I didn’t know about people.


Now that I do, I am tired.


I am tired of the ignorance. I am tired of their enthusiasm to reach on to a judgment about someone. I am tired of people who just don’t have the sense to appreciate good sense! They just aren’t happy enough to respect anyone or anything. The escapist attitude that has become their habit gets on my nerves! To turn blind to your mistakes and blame the entire system for the misery around, makes me sick. Sometimes I feel I am tired of the general low IQ around me…


They lie. Even if they aren’t wrong. They lie! It’s a shame. But they’d laugh at me for thinking like this.


I am not tired of pretending to be happy around them. I don’t do that. I am tired of being around them. I am tired of putting up with them…


I am sorry that I sound so crabby, but this is just not the world I dreamed of…

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