Depressed dude

So here we go again… another day, another week… the last few days have been tough as hell… it’s difficult to decide what to do and when you don’t fit in anyone’s busy schedule you start to feel lonely and left out. It’s an incredibly depressing state of mind but i like to think of it as a learning curve, a curve that’ll make me strong and more resilient. I know not where this will lead to but I am optimistic (as always) though the optimism fades away ever so often these days. I haven’t met kh in like a month or so… our talks frequently range between “nothing” and “you say”. It’s like as if some people couldn’t care less. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed but I am and it makes it all the more bitter.

I wish life wouldn’t keep throwing more complication at me. Just when I think things couldn’t get worse or now things are getting better, life throws another sucker punch at me.

Work-wise, things are grand… I wish I could just enjoy all this success somehow… 🙁

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