Deteriorating TOI newspaper

Dont you think that the quality of the Times Of India news paper has deteriorated over the years? I saw this article (see pic at the end of post) yesterday and it struck me that there is a grammatical error in the headline !! How can you write ‘clean chit for husband, HP’ when it should be ‘clean chit to husband, HP’ ?? Its crazy !! The editors who overlooked this glaring error (in my opinion) must be appaling !! One more thing gone wrong with the paper is that they have removed the ‘date and source’ feature before every article. What this means is that they can reprint an article again and they’d not have to give it a date (and no one would know how old the article really is) or source !! I read an article in the paper (TOI – 26/1/06) which talked abt the positive forecast that Indians have about their economy improving in the near future vis-a-vis other countries… I distinctly remember reading that article in an earlier edition of TOI !!!! So much for UPDATED and NEW articles..


okies.. guess i’ve had enough of a rant on TOI, downloaded ALL the music ever written by System Of A Down !! Yeah baby !! ALL 4 ALBUMS !!! Got sick of listening to Craig David to be honest !!


Ohh and btw.. yesterday, i had uploaded a pic of the Indian Flag.. unfortunately, it was inverted , thanks to the guy/girl who commented on the same, the pic has now been deleted. Sorry if i inadvertantly hurt any sentiments.


enuf said.

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