Do I REALLY need a blog?

This is a question I have battled with for almost 2 years now. I don’t really spend too much on this blog, it’s hosted on Blogger and the only penny I pound is when I have to renew the domain.
I am a complete Social Media enthusiast and everything I would normally do via a blog, I do all over the internet. I use Google Reader to share interesting posts, to save interesting links, FaceBook to socialize online, Picasa to share photographs and Twitter to tell the world I am thinking. Finally I use FriendFeed to being all these together to make what I call my lifestream or ‘digital footprint’. Do I really need a blog?
On the other hand, there are times when I want to write long posts and explain what I am thinking (like right now), and that’s when I find a blog to be priceless. It also gives me the privilege of having a ‘home’ on the internet.
Do you think I need a blog? If yes, why? Share your thoughts under the comments.
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  1. it depends.
    do you want to share thoughts & opinions.
    i use them for very different things twitter is on the go. and keeping in touch. facebook is for playing scrabbles :). and blog is for sharing ideas, opinion, work, rants, soapbox giri, reviews etal.

  2. It’s simple. You don’t need a blog. As you’ve said, you find a blog useful at certain points of time. You don’t spend much time here, but then again, it’s your blog, so it is justified that you write when it pleases you.

    Certain things you might want to ponder over: What are you getting out of your blog? Is it generating useful and engaging conversations? Has it helped you meet new and interesting people on the web? People that you might perhaps not have met over at Twitter. Perhaps you might want to fully evaluate whether you need the domain.

    Just food for thought.

  3. The most important things can be said and written within 160 marks.

    Blogs are for the restless nights, when you have to clear your thoughts, when emotions are screaming over rationality and all you want to do is escape from reality.

    Blogs keep us sane. There´s no auyrvedic cure for nerdism.

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