Friday fever!

Today is friday and the weekend fever has completely taken over me! Am off to matheran again and constantly praying that it rains when we are there. This trip holds a lot of promises and me thinks it will be much better than last time!

Met ad today in da morning.. he is fine. I need to get the accounts done with him soon.. we have been paying off the bills randomly and we need to sit down and work out who payed for wat!

Will get my comp by the end of this month so things will get much better once i return home.

Today everyone is in a lazy mood in the office since we are to go out for lunch right now! I have done no work apart from finishing a small article. I think this issue of the mag should be named ‘aftermath’ since it follows the VERY hectic pace of the June aniversary issue. I think me will scoot early today and head off to hu’s place. I hope it rains on the way.. the bike ride will be brilliant then!

I was feeling REALLY homesick during the weekend but am ok now.. much better to be honest.

later ppl!

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