Getting Things Done

Wow.. it feels like days since i wrote anything in here! Its been a revealing few days. I realise am more of a social animal than a loner! Spent the first week at the house alone and felt totally miserable and cranky.. just not the type of environment am used to! This week thankfully Ad is back so its been better. He’s headed to Goa again next week for 2 whole week.. his sister’s gettin married.. so am dreading the next 2 weeks! Life generally has been kind. Work is getting better and am adjusting to it everyday. I think from the 1st to the 15th of the month, there will be a mad rush about everything done in the office and after that we can chill a bit.

Was researching a few ideas when i stumbled upon the Getting Things Done (GTD) philosophy. Its mind blowing! You should google more about it. I was particularly interested in his research with ‘geeks and how naturally they come to accept his ideas and implement them to suit their needs and practices. I know i have. Now a days, i find the messengers a distraction so i log-on only when i have completed all my tasks and reward myself with a little ‘goofing off’ time. Unfortunately, thats not exactly when everyone is online. I find the regulars but not people i REALLY love chatting with. I have also started using google calender to sort out my errands and to-do lists fanatically! There is a plugin called iCal which allows you to sync your thunderbird mail client (what i use on ubuntu) with google calender. Whats really wonderful about it is that google calender now sms’s me everytime i have a mail waiting to be read in my inbox or have a task to complete at an appointed time. Its cool and totally geeky! I love it 😀

Tom is my aunts birthday so its another family gathering which i have to attend in the night. I have come to like these gatherings, its good to be amongst relatives once in a while!

Finally chatted with K !!! It was just 5 lines but atleast there’s a start.. it had been more than a month since we spoke to each other. I left Bangalore on a rather sour note with him and did not feel like catching up. I guess the feeling was mutual but it was good to chat with him yesterday. I must confess though that he initiated the conversation. Bless the man!

Got the final settlement amount from C-Company yesterday.. all in good time, i was running short on finances. Nothing else happening in like at the moment.

TTYL (talk to you later!) ppl


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