Going Paleo

On the 18th of July, 2012, I wrote the below blog post on my personal blog. I have been following a non-strict Paleo diet since and have already seen some benefits. However, I find that there are not too many resources for Indians.

Our diets are incredibly non-paleo – roti, daals, naans and even the cooking oil we use are all non-paleo. Strangely, non-Indians believe our diet to be very paleo but that is sadly not the truth. This is my attempt at demystifying Paleo for the common Indian and making it easy for all of us!

Below is a record of the first time I decided to go the whole hog

Since the beginning of 2012, I have been harping about the Paleo Diet to everyone who is pretending to listen. I have had a few flirting experiences with the diet and the results have always been positive. I am convinced that if followed to the letter, this can bring about some pretty great changes to one’s body.

…and thus, starting last Monday, I have taken the plunge. Gone fully Paleo. Its a fascinating world out there, and I’ll do every thing to level-up my life. This just seems like a natural progression to my way of living.

If you want to know more about Paleo, here are some great links to get you started:


Some bonus links that are not strictly Paleo, but still speak about it occasionally:

  • Nerd Fitness – Lately, this guy has been one of my favourite bloggers on fitness and improving your life. He wrote a really great post on How to Calculate Body Fat Percentage.
  • Lean Gains – Super awesome blog. Talks of how its not important to eat every 2 hours. How you can eat only when you feel hungry and over time, your body will automagically tell you when you need the food or not. Totally worth following.
  • The Legacy Project – I have to admit, this blog does not speak at all about Paleo. BUT I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT. This is a project that asks people above 80-90 years, what they would do if they were young again. What mistakes would they avoid. Not one interviewee has mentioned money. Such fascinating replies!

Now that I have sparked your curiosity enough (uses The Force) you want to know what the hell I will be eating on this diet of mine. So here goes; what better way than to show you an infographic, eh!


Or if flowcharts are your thing then, this will make you happy?


Check back in 2 months to see how I have progressed since. Would you be interested in this way of life too?


  1. Hi!

    Glad I stumbled across your blog – finally found one cave-bro I can identify my food resources with 😛 This is the first Indian blog by a caveman I have come across, another is by an Indian cavegirl I visited a couple of days back.

    I’m planning to go Paleo very soon. Just scared of going wrong with my micro-nutrients that might land me in any deficiency. So doing my study before hoping in..

  2. Thanks. Was badly foraging for blogs/sites on primal lifestyle by Indians.

    I find it next to impossible to look for Paleo super food such as kale, meat other than chicken/goat/fish and that too conventional, grain-fed ones, and a few other hurdles. Do you face problems with that?

  3. Since fat, instead of carbs, is the main source of energy in Paleo, how do determine your fat intake?

    I mean do you just replace the vegetable oil with Paleo-approved fats in your Indian dishes in the same amount? Or add more fats as per what you feel is enough for you?

  4. hey! just found your blog. I write about being paleo in Mumbai. nice to know there is someone as passionate as me. we should share notes.! nice seeing you!

  5. Nice. I congratulate u for this blog. My husband is on paleo diet. I am looking for Indian styly paleo recipes. Hoping for the best.

  6. Hi,

    Appreciate your effort.
    Trying to go paleo……………..but looking for recipes ..please help

  7. Sumi/ Tanu — you can google them online. There are tons of resources available. My moto on this is to buy any food that is not in a packet (except masalas) or advertised. If you stick to these 2 things, you can be relatively safe.

  8. I have just started on crossfit and was looking at options in paleo as far as Indian cooking was concerned. I wouldnt want to question the rationale behind paleo but it seems to me that a majority of the so called lectins should get destroyed in a conventional Indian cooking unless you are steaming your veggies and consuming them. The same goes for phytic acid. And the advice to cook your veggies in coconut oil seems highly suspicious (i am a mallu and even I am unable to understand how saturated fats like the one in coconut oil can be suggested in cooking). I would think it better to have a balanced diet…more veggies and fruits as opposed to a diet which is pretty high on meat. http://goo.gl/LrIOhh Food for thought? 🙂
    Oh and yes….the biggest proponent of crossfit Rich Froning is not paleo…follows his own regimen.

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