Good day

Am reasonably happy today. Have been bored of the blog template since a long time now, but none of the pre-defined templates in Blogger caught my fancy. Wanted something minimalistic with a static footer at the end of the page. Since I couldn’t find anything like that on blogger, I scourged the net to find blog templates that I could adapt. I must confess, I am no programming geek but I can be nifty when prodded. I found a template that suited my needs best and began chopping the code to make it work with blogger. I am still not through with what I have yet, but am fairly pleased. Let me know in the comments how you feel about this new design.

I had to meet Huzefa in Marol today but I dont think its possible, going straight home from the airport since am totally pooped. I HATE filling up the flyer opinion pamphlets at the end of every flight! Its so annoying! Sheesh…

It’s been a good day today. I hope I have more such days!


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  1. refreshing but boring….i dunno wat else to say i like it but i tot u would come up with something more artistic….im bored with my thing as well so i’ve been adding stupid stuff to it just to try n cure my boredom with the design….help me out as well pls…..

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