Good Heavens, its him again!

Wow… it’s been a good last-few-days. The Bangalore trip was great! Met up with Kh, Sav, AnG and others, ate DBC. MET PARENTS! ATE HOME FOOD!!! Had KFC stuff.. it was fun, alright! Having said that, I am kinda glad to be back in Mumbai again. I guess I’ve come to accept and like the freedom I get from staying alone. I like the fact that am not looked at and judged by everyone at all times. It’s weird isn’t it? When you are back in Bang, you want to go back to Bombay, when I am in Bombay, I miss my parents and everyone in Bangalore.. I guess God does have a whacky sense of humor… Being a Cancer-Gemini cusp is not the best thing in the world… lol

Back to the state of this blog.. I guess it has really lagged in the last month or so… Sorry for the lack of updates folks but there is nothing really that exciting that is happening in life right now… So much for chronicling “my road to success”… It must read like a “how not to blog” guide I guess… heh.

A lot has happened since I updated… We are now the Asia/World champions in hockey, cricket and football… Watched the cricket match at Ed’s place. Nice guy.

Been doing nothing since Monday, the Oct issue is closed so we are now looking for story ideas for the Nov issue and the juggernaut rolls on… Time to get onto the messengers I guess…

The weekend plan has been more or less decided… So I can’t wait to head to town on Friday.

Astalavista ppl.

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