good times are here

Its been a fun few days.. My (to be) boss taking us out to pizza corner and the whole team eating on the company’s expense.. tht was fun !!! sat around at home reading at saturday and on sunday, met up wid kiran and everyone.. you guys are just AWESOME !!! its so much fun to be with you guys tht after returning home, my jaws and cheeks ache from all the constant smiling and laughing in ur company.. lol.. btw, plz lets stop going to eden garden.. we hav had dinner thrice there already man !!! lets try some other place next time !!!


this week my work timings are from 9am to 5pm.. amazing !!! now this is what i call life !!! weekends off, public holidays off and day shifts, eating dinners finally with your family !!! yayyyyyyyy !!! (ok, am going bonkers now).. on a side note, the only bad thing is going home and being forced to watch all the miserable saas-bahu dramas !!! i mean, come on guys.. isnt there enough creative talent to make better serials than these !!! my mom is like on ’emotion steroids’ when she is watching these crappy serials.. and no one can snatch the remote from her during 8pm to 10pm.. unfortunately, this is also the time when the great indian laughter challenge is comin on star one and i soooo miss it all the time !!!


i watching this miserable serial called ‘india calling’ yesterday and i was bored to bits !!! apparently, this lead charecter realises that her sis is on drugs and keeps emotionally blackmailing (yes folks, thts the word to use) her mom abt the fact that she was not informed about it !! i mean, wtf ??? God (sonds ironic isnt it? this word coming straight after ‘wtf’.. lol..) why do ppl act so senile sometimes !!! worse, why do media companies air such serials !! dont they have any brains?? mayb not..


Jammy says, "This is the most important week of training guys !!!", so am gonna go now and concentrate in class.. adios amigos !!


btw, jus updates some snaps

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