Good weekend

Finally met up wid shri !!! Loong time since we met.. she is such a sweety (though she is so impunctual). Met up wid Pooja also.. walked like crazy.. (finally feel like i exercised for the 1st time in the whole month). Watched Rang De Basanti’ last nite and to be honest, its such a sham of a movie, i really didnt like it all tht much, wonder why there is such a craze for the movie !! I mean, (spoilers ahead) the entire idea of comparing our national heros to the charecters in the movie is stupid. I didnt think there was any sense in killin tht defence minister.. I thought the movie was stupid though… On a side note, Soha Khan (or whatever her name is) looked cute !!


Browser Wars : Part 3


I used netscape 8.1 today and for the record, its better than netscape 8.0 !!! the thing loads up faster and is completely geared towards a computer security fanatic !!! I mean, there is loads of cool and ground breaking stuff in the browser but i guess they got their priorities confused between functionality and features. The browser is jam packed with features that u’d never use.. its got stuff like id theft protection, a spyware centre, and a website rating centre !!! In doing all this, the core functionality of the browser (to render and surf websites) gets sidelined. THough netscape loads websites faster than IE, i still feel that if they could make tht gecko engine run a little faster by tweaking it a little, it’d be great !! All in all i had a good experience with netscape but the security features got a bit annoying after sometime.

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