Granny's here !!!


LOL, this image really cracked me up


Went to Empire again last nite.. was feeling VERY sleepy at the office, so at 2am, we decided to go out and eat since a few of us were hungry also. These days am eating out everyday !! gotta keep a check on my expenses else i wont be able to go to Goa.. Got some ‘fundoo’ ideas which i wanna implement at work, lets see how those go. At the home front, granny’s here from mumbai.. weee. She taught me a few card games (cuz she was getting bored and wanted to play with someone), i forget the name of the game, then she beat me at it in all the dealt hands !!! Now thts what i call sadistic. lol. I realised one more thing about myself though.. i suck at cards too..


I’ve vowed to avenge my defeat and am playing solitare on the comp for like 3 hours straight.. speaking of which, i didnt know you could play solitare without the computer with those actual cards !!! Asked granny how she arranged those cards tht way and she gave me the ‘you are a moron’ look.. Oh well.

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