Happy birthday Kiran.

Yeah.. i remembered !!! (nudge, nudge, wink,wink) After 5 straight years of not remembering, i finally remembered !!! Yay !!!


Happy birthday to my bestest friend in the whole wide world !!! May u have the most wonderful day today and they keep getting better everyday. Thanks for being there, always. Thank you for understanding and always giving !!! I love the way ur so level headed about everything and tht u always know what to do !! Its jus so much fun to be with you !! thanks  for all the years of fun !!


Today is ethnic day for the training batch !!! Am dressed in a kurta after sooo long.. will try to meet kiran later in the evening and try to squeze out a treat from him.. LOL.. i wish we were still in college rite now.. the birthday bumps would never stop.. but fear not.. we are all meeting on sunday and he surely cant b spared then.. hehe..


Going to Abi mamu place on sat.. wil hav a small family get-together there.. Really looking forward to tht too.. hmm..


Training is getting kinda interesting now.. i jus realised tht i got the higest in class for the test.. didnt know how i managed it since all i could do was yawn all the time in class.. thts proves to myself tht am not all tht dumb afterall.. (take tht u stupid fucking 7th std geometry teacher !! i sooo still hate u for all those miserable hours of nonsense !!) Next will get more interesting as i will slowly start to learn things i never knew existed about my company.. being upskilled is fun.. oh yes ppl.. the joy of not doing anything and taking a back seat in class and doing nothing for 8 whole hours is exhilerating (esp. when u kno tht there is a bit torrent client running on ur comp at the very moment.. *evil grin*)


cant think of anything else as of now !!!





Kiran and me


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