Happy Republic Day!!




I feel extra peppy today !! The ‘national holiday’ spirit is infectious i must say.. I remember how in school they used to hoist the flag and we would all b standing there salutin it in the hot sun.. The feelin in your gut when you did those ncc parades.. yeah, those were the days..


But there is only one thing i dont like during these days, those unnecessary parades they hav in Delhi !! i mean jus imagine the cost to the ex-chequer every year !!! i firmly believe these things should b a local affair conducted in local communities and schools.. the money saved by doing this should go in building roads in remote and rural areas..


Had a fun day today.. physically met up wid an old friend (i say ‘physically’ cuz we meet up online everyday.. lol) Saw ‘Chronicles of Narnia’, its a fantastic movie.. Its the 1st i’ve seen of a novel i’ve read (i usually avoid watchin movies of the novels i’ve read, eg: Harry Potter — dont make me start abt tht one) and i must say am not one bit dissapointed !! The charecterisation of ‘Aslan’ is AMAZIN !! Had lunch in nilgiris, went to India Coffee House (i love the ruined place.. its the only place in bangalore where u can sit and not order for anything for an unlimited period of time on weekdays, on weekends, they boot u off if you do that.. LOL) and had cold coffee.. ever had cold coffee in  heart shaped polka dotted glass? it feels strange.. heh. Returned home to a movie watchin spree (inspired by my friend), watched Bluffmaster, The Grudge, The Million Dollar Baby and Finding Nemo (am all dazed by now !!)


Will read up on what i gotta say in class tom and then doze off !!


Cya ppl .

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