Headbanging Hero

It all started with this innocuous tweet exchange:

Abhishek Agarwal
…and then, the question kept clawing at me – how many times would Abhishek headbang if he were headbanging for the rest of his life? – considering it was an open-ended statement. So I got calculating. I was also helped by the super awesome Mital Dubal. She thought I was crazy and that it was a prank on her all along.

Anyways, the answer is 58,53,74,400 headbangs assuming Abhishek’s current age is 28 and he will live till 70 years.

Here is the math behind it all:

  1. 70 yrs (avg metro life expectancy) – 28yrs (estimated age) = 42yrs (years to live)
  2. Mital and me headbanged a total of 4 times for 1 minute each. Results:
    1. 1st time – 62 headbangs.
    2. 2nd time – 60 headbangs.
    3. 3rd time – 50 headbangs.
    4. 4th time – 40 headbangs.
    5. Average Headbangs Per Minute = 53
  3. Abhishek will be able to headbang for 720 minutes (12 hours) in a day – 8 hrs sleep + 1 hr break for breakfast, lunch and dinner each + 1 hr for loo, bathing, etc.
  4. Therefore, 38160 headbangs in 720 mins

58,53,74,400 – lifetime headbangs (42 yrs * 38160 headbangs in 720 mins). There I can sleep easy tonight. 

Thanks again to Mital, for not only thinking am absolutely nuts but also fixing my initial math. Thank God we didnt take into account distance between table head and desk and diminishing speed of head-desk over time passage. THAT would have been nuts. She, on the other hand, is awesome.

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  1. maybe aggy wanted to headbang continuously because he wanted to shorten his life. so the question is, how long will a 28 year old man live without food, water, sleep and with continuous headbanging?

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