Hectic days!

Boy, these days, people just don’t seem to be happy, no matter what I do. Work is getting hectic as hell and the pressure is piling up. I just cant seem to get the article format right and no one will help. Its depressing but this is a dog eat dog world. I guess now I realise how the others must’ve felt when I was so rude and blunt with them in C-company. Sigh! The work is grand.. its just the attitude of some people around. The words they use to convey their message are not encouraging or positive to say the least!

Went to my aunt’s birthday yesterday.. it was good fun. Ate good food.. heh.. am a glutton.. i agree. The ride was fun.. 60km in all going and coming back to work the next day!

Another hectic day begins, so I’ll sign off with trepidation and a promise to my world better… starting now!

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