Holiday.. here i come

Today was progressing as a very lousy day.. too many meetings spoil the broth.. its jus very irritating and frustrating when someone is talking about something without having valid data and facts with them.. oh well.. At the moment am in a ok-ok mood cuz a bunch of my collegues ganged up and decided to go to Kemmangundi for the weekend !!! Yay !! finally some respite from the city.. some awesome snaps await you ppl 🙂


Another wonderful thing happened today thats got me all peppy once again.. I was trolling through the net when i suddenly remembered a very old site that i used to visit very often but seemed to have sliped past my mind in the last few years. I just loved this guy’s artwork and i typed in the URL.. Lo and behold.. there it was in front of me.. a much more mellow (a kind of subdewed but mature) website layout.. cant believe he has gone through 21 versions !! LOL.. Keep it going DJ.. you are a source of inspiration to us against everything thats evil in the online art community (i am very impressed that you stepped down from dev after the incident)


okies then, need to catch some fresh air.. adios amigos

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