hiya ppl.. the appraisal went off great !!! I got some pretty neat feedback from my boss so I was pretty pepped up day before yesterday.. 🙂


Dr. Rajkumar died. Its sad that he had a heart attack, i’d someday like to die in my sleep, just like my grandad. I guess its the one thing that we dont speak about and thats why quite a few of us are afraid of it. To be honest, i’d rather be dead than not achive what i want to eventually. I know it in my head and its something no one can take from me.. its called ‘destiny’. (Gosh, i’d make an amazing script writer i guess.. lol) Another sad thing to come out of his death is the way the media blew it all out of proportion. I mean, i travelled to office and back via bus yesterday no problems what so ever !!! Even after i returned they were still showing re-run video footage of violence in Bangalore. It seemed like the news channels had around 3-4 5min video clips which they were shuffling and playing repeatedly all across channels.. it was really dissapointing that even in this age, media reporting an incident can be incorrect or biased in favor of one side.


All this mayhem gave me a holiday of 4 days !!! yesterday was pure bordem as the cable was pulled off the air and the only thing playing across all channels were Rajkumar movies and news channels !! Today has been slightly better off.. played some arcade games on the comp (am begining to develop an interest in those oldy games like dave, pcman, doom, lemonade tycoon etc). Today am gonna be online again at 2am. Need to download some updates from the comp again..


Another reason why i’ll be up that late is cuz Zedge 2.0 would be up and running by then !!! Oh boy.. i cant wait for the site to re-launch man.. its really exciting to see this place grow into what it has become today.. i remember the old days when i went for only wallpapers and themes and then discovered that there was an entire forum out there with very nice participants !!! Today, quite a few participants are my friends and we chat on a regular basis over the net.. Go Zedge.. wishing you loads of luck for the future.

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