Human API: Why This Is Important

Over the last one year, I have become kinda obsessive about my health. In conversations with friends online and in emails I have referenced the Human API and my understanding of the concept. The noise and signals around it are only getting louder with time. Why do I think the understanding of this concept is so revolutionary?

Let’s start at where we are at today: In the internet advertising industry (which I traditionally belong to), we can track and measure everything. It is therefore surprising to me that in this day and age, I know little about myself. Its is 2013, and there are limited body tracking tools available doing primitive analysis. We were supposed to have flying cars by now!!

I want deeper analytics to understand myself better. E.g:
  • What is my body fat percentage?
  • What allergens are inflammatory in my system?
  • What is my median body temperature?
  • How easily do I sweat?
  • Based on empirical data, how far can I walk on any given day based on the outside weather and my current state of health?

There are tools out there that can tell you one or more of the above parameters, but there is nothing out there that can currently take all this data, combine it in one place and make meaningful, actionable insights out of it. Most times, the data from some of these devices isn’t even exportable.

The concept of the Human API is one where all the available data about yourself is collected in one place from where actionable insights, which are unique to you can be derived.

Enter — a company that aims to do just this. It features a singular dashboard to track all available bio-markers from the myriad of personal tracking devices and displays it on a single screen dashboard. Very cool. It also provides users with an individual API which can later be plugged into apps/software for more detailed insights and analysis.

Now, all we need is a tricoder to be invented, that includes a user information API and very soon, you will have all the genetic, habitual and physical data about yourself available at your fingertips.

‘Human API’ — you’ll be reading about this a lot lot more in the coming months. Imagine it to the be your very own personal Google Analytics.

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