KFC Trip and other mundane activities

So the KFC is not as great as it is in Bangalore.. but wat the heck.. it atleast has decent zinger burgers! Its located on Linking Road. In my older memories of the road, i dont recall it being so busy and crowded. Yesterday night, the place seemed like they were giving away stuff on the road for free… there was so much of a crowd there!

Ate a ‘Meal for 4’ amongst 3 of us.. it was ok.. then returned back home. Since the place was no real shakes, i didnt take any snaps there.

Was feeling very moody and sulky later in the night.. chatted wid shady, shru and a few others.. slept by 3am.. felt better by the end of it all..

Woke up by 8am (looking like a zombie)and had breakfast… went to do Dada/Dadi’s Zyarat. By then it was 11:45.. so I returned home by 12 and watched the F1 race !! 🙂

McLaren’s Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton won.. good to see some competition retun to F1. Not doing anything right now.. just chilling the whole day today..

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