Kya Karein, Kya Na Karein, Yeh Kaisi Mushkil Hai.

Checked out Pownce again yesterday, and I seriously can’t figure out why anyone would want to use the service. I mean, gimmie a break. The service is supposed to allow users to be able to send text, links, files, and messages to friends on your profile. Erm… last I heard, you can do all that with email AND the messengers. Colour me unimpressed and beat ‘old fashioned’ all over me.

Completed the pesky article which required quotes yesterday. Finally. My writing for the Feb issue is finally closed so there is nothing more to do at office apart from playing around and doing nothing in general. The plans I have been making since the last few days are going on (or at least I hope they are), let’s see where this leads us to.

Last night I learnt something very important. NEVER MIX EGGS IN MAGGIE NOODLES. Yes, in one of those moments of brilliance where you abandon all reason, I broke an egg over an otherwise appetising boil of Maggie Masala Chicken simmering over a slow flame of my VERY combustible gas burner! The edibles sucked, so did the night, as I felt pukish after forcing all that crap past my gullet.

The ride to work was freezing! I’ve never felt Mumbai to be so cold and therefore it brought back fond memories of Bangalore 🙂 Had breakfast with my roomie in a hotel and the cheapskate in me allowed him to foot the bill.

Doing nothing right now but reading up on Linux From Scratch… my tool-chain keeps breaking mid way so I got read up on how to re-compile the kernel from scratch (yes, I know… sorry to be boasting, couldn’t resist).

In further proof of India’s technology prowess, ISRO put into orbit an Israeli satellite with its PSLV rocket. Did you people know that India has the best launch rate success in the world? Now that really makes me proud!

The Skoar gaming expo is going to be held between the 25th and 27th of this month and the Digit Team will be there, in our own stall. Hell yeah! So this is our time to be celebrities or just drown in misery with the fact that no one cares about the writers that write India’s largest selling technology mag.

Enough said… time to goof off now.

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