Last few days

Its been another one of those weeks again where in one day, you end up spending 12 hours in a day and still dont finish your work and on other days, u jus dont know what to do..


This week has gone on pretty swell.. Last sunday i spent friendship’s day in Garuda Mall, yeah, the ENTIRE day.. met up wid my office mates in da morning (bad enough i have to meet em everyday of the week), then met up wid Shri and Tabby in the evening. Those girls are a blast on any day of the week !! Met Tabby after ages.. she hasnt changed a bit.. good for her.. i like ppl who are responsible 🙂

After meetin up wid da girls, i proceeded to meetup wid Kiran and Dilip.. they tried to pull a fast one on me regarding the Goa trip.. thank god they are bad actors.. lol


Yesterday was "chillin to da max" day.. Archie called asking if i wanted to see omkara in da nite and i agreed. Did very little work during the day and then logged out early… hahaha.. the movie is pretty good, i liked it.. dont really mind the risque dialogues.

Checked out devart yesterday as it was their birthday, the v5 site was launched.. The site looks good but its not working on opera.. which makes me instantly not like devart, but i guess its one place that will keep going for sometime to come now.


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