Lost in Dilli-land

Today has been one of those days.. Yes. Am stuck in a strange new city with very little money to spare and its a holiday today. Which means that i have nothing to do and i cant go out anywhere either. Having calculated my expenses, i realise i’ve spent roughly 5000 in the 2 weeks i’ve been in delhi.. The majority of this expenditure being the trip to Rishikesh last week which has contributed to roughly half of the above cost. I dont regret it though.. That trip was sorely needed and i totally enjoyed myself, thanks to the delhi guys 🙂

The next 2 weeks will be a lesson in frugal living, as i attempt to go ‘off consumption’ like Gaurav Mishra.. Lol. And no, i dont have any lofty goals like him.. I just want to save the money damnit!!

Life is still as crazy as ever with no real solution in sight.. The other day Kh asked me why i didnt write abt the stuff am going through in my blog… It was kinda weird to answer that because i’ve always been the one to write about everything happening in my life and here i was, not publishing some of the most important thoughts of my life! I realised i’m not that open afterall.. I like to have a little bit of privacy in my life too.. People have always asked me why i would write everything happening in my life and quite frankly, i wouldnt understand why they would ask me the question.. Now i do, and it feels good to be normal and act like a normal human being 🙂

Still in this cranny hotel room.. The electricity is still not back on and am now seriously wondering what am goin to do today.. Maybe i should go to the office.. Just for kicks.. On second thoughts, maybe not. I’ve not logged onto the net for quite a while now.. Sending this via gprs and then i think i’ll go out for a stroll later..

ta ppl!


  1. @Asfaq: All the best for your own ‘off consumption’ experience in Delhi. 🙂

    Let’s meet up when you come back.

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