Mamu and the N73 ME

Yesterday night was a pretty grnd day.. i finally bought the n73 !! yeah baby! before buying the phone i had a quick toss up between that and the HTC S710 but i decided to go with the N73 nevertheless.. I’ve been up since last night.. fiddling.. playing with the phone. Its fun!

Abi mamu has also come over from bangalore so it was grand meeting him and catching up with him.. he has become a bit toned down i guess and seems to talk to me very cautiously.. its like he is weighing every word before he says anything. But thts ok, its not easy for anyone to communicate freely when u have met the person after wht seems like ages esp when the kid who always crawled up to you ans sat in ur lap is suddenly grown up and is fiercely vocal about his thoughts! lol.. it happens.. But i have loved him and will continue to do so, irrespective of anyhting that happens.

Ok, back to the regular broadcasting:

my intial impressions of the phone:

1. Keys on keypad are too small (guess i’ve been spoilt by the k750 keypad)

2. The keypad doesnt autolock… and when it does you have to enter a FIVE digit code to unloch again.. grrr… (will edit this if i find an app or something to just autolock the phone)

3. There is a small blue light near the secondary camera in the front that flashes occationally. Can get annoying.. still havent found a way to disable that.

4. The “Music” app wont shut off. A waste of memory resources IMHO.

5. The Nokia Suite is CRAP !! When I deleted some sms fom it after syncing the phone, it deleted them from the phone too.. grr.. I should have expected that but i guess i was going the MyPhoneExplorer route again.. will see how i can backup sms in a better way.

6. Amazing high contrast screen.. pulls out all the battery juice in a few hours of constant use! :p (i had to tone it down considerably)

7. Wonderful camera. Beuatiful high contrast images (or mayb its the screen) that makes a below average photograper look decent

Still coming to grips with the phone. Things should get better once I get the hang of the Symbian OS. 2yrs of SE simplicity has taken its toll on me.

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  1. Congrats!! On the new phone. Do let me know, if it has a good internet connection??

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