Media Mentions

I get quoted in the media from time to time. The stories generally revolve around the latest internet trends, social media, blogging, the Indian internet scene and the growing internet advertising space. This is a catalogue of all those articles.

Many moons ago, I used to get quoted in the media. This is now a (rather expensive) reminder of my frivolity:

10/11/2013 – Times Of India: Know thyself—the new mantra for lifeloggers

12/06/2012 – Forbes Magazine: Facebook—Too Much Hype, Too Little Substance?

27/11/2011 – DNA: The cult of the Big Loser

02/11/2011 – Southscope: Movie Marketing in the Internet Age

04/12/2010 – Times Of India: A Tweet Job

23/05/2010 – DNA: Facebook owns you

05/04/2010 – The Telegraph: Outsource ghost lurks behind celebrity tweets – Smart Bollywood stars hire communication experts to keep in touch with their fans

26/03/2010 – Hindustan Times: Twitterers get together for a cause and a blast

14/02/2010 – Business Line: Tweets rally in support of My Name is Khan

29/12/2009 – Mid Day: Twitter Indian of the Year results

28/10/2009 – Hindustan Times: Mumbaiites twitter to boycott three films [I don’t agree with the headline though]

27/10/2009 – Mid Day: Tweeters slam twits who defaced murals

29/07/2009 – DNA Lifestyle: Just tweet

21/07/2009 – Indian Express: Where’s the you in YouTube?

09/07/2009 – Indian Express: New ways to lure audiences to theatres

06/07/2009 – Mid-day: We want to know who you are

10/05/2009 – Interview

30/04/2009 – Money Today: Diversify your income

24/04/2009 – Monetizing Video Online

11/03/2009 – BBC Radio: The Mumbai Attacks and Social Media (podcast)

30/11/2008 – Accountability 2.0: Blogs and tweets inform and help during Mumbai attacks

29/11/2008 – CNN: Bloodied Mumbai defiantly forges on

29/11/2008 – IBN Live: Mumbai Crisis Sends People Blogging and Twittering

29/11/2008 – IBN Live: The Power of Twitter (video)

28/11/2008 – Wall Street Journal: Amid Chaos, Citizens Spread Word on Web