Movies and KFC

The weekend is here finally !!! Yay !!! yesterday was a super exhaustive day !! What wid all the meetings, certification etc.. boy was i pooped by the end of it all !! One gud thing (i dont know if its gud or not) to come out of it was that i was in office for 16 hrs yesterday.. . I decided that i definately need a break now, so bullied friends into coming out for a movie today.. They booked tickets for Malamaal Weekly at the PVR cinemas website and i cant wait to see it.. Its seems to be a very funny movie according to my ‘movie freak’ source.. Also we’ll go to KFC.. the holy grail of cooked chicken, imho. Will give u  a review of it tomorrow.. Have to come back and clean my comp of all the movies tht i have on the HD. Gotta see them and delete them as i notice the comp has become a bit sluggish..

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